Independent book publishers association: A journey of publishers together

Independent book publishers association: A journey of publishers together

Publishing is not an easy business in this world of globalization. Due to the highly growing affiliate marketing industry, numerous opportunities are out there for self publishers and book authors. While some people are grabbing their fortune but some can’t even find it. This happens when you have not sufficient information on how to sell your book or where to sell it. Here comes the “Independent book publishers association (IBPA)”.

About IBPA 

Independent book publishers association is a Not-For-Profit membership association who advances the professional interest of publishers as well as authors through advocacy, training, workshop and education on publishing. In 1983 “Publishers Association of Southern California” was born in the interest of independent publishers of Southern California. As the organization grew their focus change to the marketing of books and it changed into “Publishers Marketing Association (PMA)”. In 2008 the board of directors decided to change the name again to reflect the growing concern of independent publishers of any size beyond the marketing program. Hence, Independent Book Publishers association born.

How IBPA can help me?

If you are a publisher and sell your book worldwide or want to get professional advice about publishing, protecting your book from piracy then surely you are on the right track. IBPA offer a number of service and some of them are

1.      Support & Guidance: I have said already publishing not always straight forward and therefore we need to know the art of publishing with appropriate marketing strategy. IBPA have experts who are giving suggestion online at any time to their member publisher.

2.      Deals and Discounts: Members of IBPA will get financial services, distribution help, affiliate marketing and publishing resources which will save their money for marketing.

3.      Education: IBPA online university will help you to be educated in the field of publishing, aware you about the rights and royalties increase your peer-to-peer networking, polish your ideas on cover description and deal with practical issues.

4.      Marketing and advertizing programs: IBPA has 30 years of experience so their marketing and advertizing program is surely going to help you in many ways. Cooperative book catalogs, mailing service, trade shows, and monthly magazine with featuring articles about publishing industry and its various issues will allow members to get benefit from IBPA’s experience.

What else?

IBPA regularly arrange experimental workshop under the IBPA university program. Also there are book awards for pint books (Benjamin Franklin Book Awards) and digital books (Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Awards). This program will surely inspire authors as well as publishers. Another program is the scholarship program intended for self-published authors and independent publishers who need financial assistance in publishing. Currently IBPA support the scholarship recipients through the Jan Nathan Scholarship Program and the Affiliate Scholarship Program.

How can one become member?

Just go their website and apply for membership using online application form. But before you go, check their membership charge. Usually the membership packages are as follows:-

    1. Individual Member : $129
    2. Publisher Member (1 – 9 Employees) : $129
    3. Publisher Member (10 – 19 Employees) : $175
    4. Publisher Member (20 – 49 Employees) : $220
    5. Publisher Member (50 – 99 Employees) : $310
    6. Publisher Member (100+ Employees) : $435
    7. Non-Publisher Member (1 – 9 Employees) : $185
    8. Non-Publisher Member (10 – 19 Employees) : $240
    9. Non-Publisher Member (20 – 49 Employees) : $325
    10.Non-Publisher Member (50 – 99 Employees) : $440
    11.Non-Publisher Member (100+ Employees) : $615


The online platform could be a giant sea to new and independent publisher without proper guidance and information. Online marketing strategies are changing constantly and getting harder day by day. Therefore independent publisher association could bring light to the new publishers as a guardian.  

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